I hate when people ask why I don’t go out and party or why I don’t drink or do drugs. The answer is simple, because I don’t want to! I have my eyes set on a future and doing those things put that dream into jeopardy and I’m not willing to risk my entire future on doing stupid things.

Agent Coulson really didn’t die

I have come to the conclusion that Agent Coulson did not die in The Avengers. First off no one actually officially declared him dead. It was Nick Furry who said he was dead. That brings me to point two, Nick Furry is a lying and manipulative son of a bitch and at that point he needed something to bring the team together. Third you can’t kill off someone as fucking awesome as Agent Coulson!

So what if at the end of Iron Man 3, there is a clip of Agent Coulson just walking around like yeah that’s right bitch I’m not dead.

Here are a few rules to survive a horror movie

Never drink, do drugs, or have sex because those people always die.

Never run up the fucking stairs dumbass!

Always stay in a group, once you split up someone will die.

If you need a place to hide find a vent shaft because they are like portals to fucking Narnia in movies they take you wherever you want.

The killer is mostly likely someone close to you, trust no one!

Always make sure to “kill” the bad guy then instead of staying there, get the fuck out of there before the killer revives themselves!

If you think you are alone, odds are you aren’t so be alert at all times.

Always carry some form of weapon on you.

Don’t try to be a fucking hero, they normally die.

And finally for gods sake don’t hide in a motherfucking closet!

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