Random facts

1. I have a twin who looks nothing like me

2. I love comic books, and I love both Marvel and DC comics

3. I love Star Wars, Star Trek, and pretty much any other nerdy movie out there

4. Criminal Minds, NCIS, Psych, and White Collar are amazing

5. I collect vinyl

6. I run off of smoothies

7. I got to spend the day in prison once for school

8. I like almost any video game

9. I read A LOT

10. Horror movies are amazing

11. I like classic movies

12. Casablanca is my favorite movie ever

13. I attempt to play guitar sometimes

14. I like rock, blues, jazz, and some country music

15. I am a hopeless romantic

16. Zombies beat vampires

17. Sherlock Holmes is amazing

18. Alfred Hitchcock is one of the greatest minds of film history

19. I like female fronted rock bands apparently because I love Paramore, Flyleaf, VersaEmerge, Aria, and many others.

20. I like listening to new music so give me suggestions

21. I want to be a criminal profiler 

22. Batman, Green Lantern, Green Arrow, Spiderman, Iron Man, and Thor are amazing

23. I support gay rights and yes I’m straight, got a problem with that

24. I want a relationship like Han and Leia

25. I have 2 tattoos right now, and plan on getting more

26. I’m extremely shy

27. I don’t judge people

28. I don’t drink or smoke

29. I like wearing Koalawalla beanies

30. I like running, and I’m going to start boxing next fall

31. I may seem happy but right now I’m far from happy

32. I try to help others before I help myself

33. I am terrible at flirting

If you want to know more about me, send me a message

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